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If you are a general partner at a venture capital firm with $200M AUM or less or are a growth-stage fund on your first two funds, RAISE Global can help raise your profile with LPs looking to invest in emerging funds.
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RAISE Global Summit

The RAISE Global Summit is an invite-only annual event that brings together top emerging GPs and a global group of LPs to network and learn from each other in a highly curated setting.

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The presentation application deadline closed on August 26. If you would like to attend the RAISE Global Summit, you can request an invitation. We expect up to 1000 Limited Partners looking to make investments now.


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Emerging Manager Database

Share your fund on the RAISE Emerging Manager Database, a private database where investors can search, review, and request additional information from emerging fund managers.
"I met my largest investor at RAISE. RAISE is by far the best day to meet GP's and LP's in an curated, thoughtful setting. The ratio is better than any other event I've attended."
Celestine Schnugg, Boom Capital
"If there is one legit event when GPs meet LPs with a highly tangible ROI and engaged interlocutors, it's definitely RAISE. As a GP, you not only feel like you belong to a community but you also see where you stand. A unique moment of the year.”
Vincent Diallo, Interlace Ventures
"RAISE is well executed and well curated! This is a one of kind event for emerging managers and micro-funds to meet interested and engaged LPs."
David Kerr, Allos Ventures