RAISE Emerging Manager Database (2021)

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Only available to RAISE Global Summit LP registrants.
250+ Emerging Manager Profiles
1414 Ventures
15 Ventures
1517 Fund
1st Course Capital
3CC | Third Culture Capital
4490 Ventures
5th Century Partners
Acadian Ventures
Act One Ventures
Advaita Capital
AiiM Partners
AiSprouts VC
Aligned Partners
Allos Ventures
Alpaca VC
Alpine VC
Amboy Street Ventures
Amplifica Capital
Amplifyher Ventures
Andav Capital
Ankona Capital
Arka Venture Labs
Arrebol Capital
Aruwa Capital Management
Ascent Energy Ventures
Avesta Fund
Avestria Ventures
base ventures
BaseLayer Ventures
BBG Ventures    
Beacon Venture Partners    
Beat Ventures    
Bee Partners    
Beta Boom    
Better Ventures    
BioRock Ventures    
Bison Ventures    
Blue Bear Ventures    
Blue Scorpion Investments    
Bonfire Ventures    
Boom Capital    
Boost VC    
Breakout Ventures    
Bright Ventures    
Bull City Venture Partners    
Buoyant Ventures    
Burst Capital    
Cake Ventures    
Camber Partners    
Cantos Ventures    
Capitalize VC    
Capstar Ventures    
Chaac Ventures    
Change Ventures    
Chingona Ventures    
Chloe Capital    
Codon Capital    
Collide Capital    
Company Ventures    
Companyon Ventures    
Concrete Rose Capital    
Conscience VC
Corazon Capital    
Courtside Ventures    
Custom Ventures    
Dcode Capital    
Debut Capital    
DiamondStream Partners    
Digital Horizon    
Digitaldx Ventures    
Divergent Capital    
Dual Use Ventures    
Dynamo Ventures    
E14 Fund    
Earthshot Ventures    
El Cap Holdings    
Embark Ventures    
Empactful Capital    
Empath Ventures    
Energy Innovation Capital    
Euclid Ventures    
Explorer 1 Fund    
FemHealth Ventures    
Fen Ventures    
Firebolt Ventures    
Firework Ventures    
First In    
First Momentum Ventures    
First Rays Ventures    
FJ Labs    
Flex Capital    
Flyover Capital    
Forty51 Ventures    
Forum Ventures    
Frst Capital    
FTW Ventures    
Full In Partners    
Genoa Ventures    
GFT Ventures    
GG Greenhouse Fund    
Golden Section Ventures    
Good Company
Good Growth Capital    
Gordian Climate Ventures    
Graham & Walker Venture Fund    Graphite Ventures / MaRS Investment  
Accelerator Fund    
Green Cow Venture Capital    
Griffin Gaming Partners    
Grit Ventures    
H Venture Partners    
Hambro Perks    
Hannah Grey    
Heartland Ventures    
Honeystone Ventures    
Hustle Fund    
i2i Ventures
igniteXL Ventures    
Illuminate Ventures    
Impact Science Ventures    
Indicator Ventures    
Ingressive Capital    
Inovo Venture Partners    
Interlace Ventures    
Invicta Growth    
Jaguar Ventures    
January Ventures    
Janvest Capital Partners    
Jigsaw VC    
Keiki Capital LLC    
Kindred Capital    
King River Capital    
Lavelle Capital    
Lionheart Ventures    
Looking Glass Capital    
Lumikai Fund    
Mana Up Capital    
Mango Capital    
Manresa Ventures    
MAYA Capital    
Medical Technology Venture Partners    
Medici Capital Partners    
Metatron Capital Partners    
MFV Partners    
Mighty Capital    
Mindful Ventures    
Mir Ventures    
Monochrome Capital    
Motley Fool Ventures    
New Stack    
Next Billion Ventures    
NextEquity Partners    
non sibi ventures    
OnePrime Capital    
Outlander Labs    
Outsized Ventures    
Pact VC
Pack Ventures    
Pangaea Ventures    
Pathway Ventures    
Plum Alley Investments    
Possibilian Ventures    
Preface Ventures    
Radicle Growth    
RareBreed Ventures    
Rebel Fund    
Recharge Thematic Ventures    
Renegade Partners    
Rethink Food    
Ring Capital    
Riot Ventures    
Riphean Investments    
Ripple Ventures    
Roble Ventures    
Samudra Pacific Capital Partners Sarona Ventures    
Scribble Ventures    
Scrum Ventures    
Seed Milestone Fund    
Seedstars Africa Ventures    
Serena Ventures    
Silicon Hills Capital    
Silicon Roundabout Ventures    
Slauson & Co.    
Social Impact Capital    
SoGal Ventures    
Solas BioVentures    
Springbank Collective    
StandUp Ventures    
Starbridge Venture Capital    
Starlight Ventures    
Startup Capital Ventures    
Sterling Road    
Supermoon Capital    
Supply Change Capital    
SWAT Equity Partners    
Sway Ventures    
Swift Ventures    
Switch Ventures    
Tenacity Venture Capital    
The Artemis Fund    
The House Fund    
The Venture Collective    
Think + Ventures, LP    
Touchdown Ventures    
True Wealth Ventures    
Type One Ventures    
Ubiquity Ventures    
Unanimous Capital    
Unicorn Growth Capital    
Union Labs Ventures    
Untapped Capital    
Urban Innovation Fund    
Valia Ventures    
Vectr Fintech Partners    
Vectr7 Investment Partners LLP    Venture Highway    
Verge HealthTech Fund    
Vibrant Ventures    
Vitalize VC
VSC Ventures    
Wayfinder Ventures    
Willow Growth Partners    
Wireframe Ventures    
Working Capital Innovation Fund    
Wuri Ventures    
WXR Fund    
Yes VC    
Zane Venture Fund