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RAISE 2023 Global Summit: What does the Applicant Data Say about Investment Focus? (Part 2)

August 8, 2023

RAISE 2023 Global Summit: What Does the Applicant Data Say for Capital Allocation? (Part 2)

By Ben Black,  Akkadian Ventures

In our first article, we took a look at the data from the RAISE 2023 Global Summit's GP applicant pool and their financial metrics. This week, in Part 2, we identify year-to-year shifts in investment focus among the applicants.   Our goal was to discern how areas of interest for GPs are changing.  

At the highest level,  the investment themes changed less than we expected.    Overall, the breakdown between generalist funds, geographic funds and thematic funds is remarkably consistent.

Looking more gradually at investment themes, we asked each applicant to choose four areas of specific interest.   Out of 31 sector options for applicants to choose from, we extracted sectors that experienced more than a 20% change.  13 sectors that saw significant changes in investment focus, including heightened focus on five particular sectors - AI, Vertical Software, FamilyTech, GovTech, and AdTech.

Simultaneously, we observed a decline in seven specific sectors: PropTech, Blockchain, FoodTech, Marketplaces, Travel, Startup Studios, and Cannabis.

The venture industry is always changing .  We invite our LPs to join us at RAISE to come see for themselves. Ready to embark on your own unicorn hunt at the 2023 RAISE Global Summit?

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Ben Black
Ben Black is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Akkadian Ventures and a 20-year venture capital veteran. He is also the Founder of RAISE Global.

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