200+ LPs gather to meet the next generation of venture capital firms.
The eighth annual RAISE Global Summit is returning to The Presidio in San Francisco this October. Come meet the next generation of venture capital funds.
Over 700 Emerging Managers Applied
The deadline was June 30. We are no longer accepting applications from GPs.
LP Selection Committee Picks the 100 GPs Who Attend
Our prestigious 25+ member LP Selection Committee will review the applications  using a standard rating process to pick the 100 who will be invited to attend.
20 Main Stage Presenters
20 of the invited GPs will be selected to present their funds on the main stage.
80 GPs to Form Panels and Other Small Group Breakouts
We strive to give LPs the opportunity to meet all attending funds through additional panel discussions and other small group formats.
Networking, Afterparty, and LP-Only Dinner
The tradition continues with vibrant networking all day, including the afterparty and the intimate LP-Only dinner.
Searchable Database of 500+ Emerging Funds
Using the RAISE Emerging Manager Database, LPs can review emerging manager profiles and performance data, download fundraising decks, and connect with the funds they want to meet. GPs can get their fund profiles in front of LPs investing the space.
RAISE Global Summit


( Thursday October 26, 2023 )
9:00am PT
Registration and Breakfast
10:00am PT
Welcome and Introduction
10:10am PT
Main Stage: GP Presentations (GPs 1-10)
11:10am PT
Networking Break
11:40am PT
4 Tracks of GP Showcase Panels and Roundtable Discussions
12:20pm PT
4 Tracks of GP Showcase Panels and Roundtable Discussions
12:50pm PT
Lunch and Open Networking
2:20pm PT
Main Stage: What Does the Data Say
2:40pm PT
Main Stage: GP Presentations (GPs 11-20)
3:40pm PT
Networking Break
4:10pm PT
4 Tracks of GP Showcase Panels and Roundtable Discussions
4:50pm PT
4 Tracks of GP Showcase Panels and Roundtable Discussions
5:30pm PT
6:30pm PT
LP-Only Dinner

RAISE LP Selection Committee

To ensure more meaningful LP engagement, this year we'll invite just 100 GPs to attend. The fantastic group of premier LPs below will review all applications and select the GPs who will be invited, and the 20 who will present on the main stage. 
AWMBlennmann Fmaily OfficeBreakers CoveChildrens HealthCoolwater CapitalCross CreekThe David and Lucile Packard FoundationDuke UniversityEmory University Investment ManagementFairview CapitalFirst CloseInclude VenturesIntegra GlobalJasper Ridge PartnersNext LegacyNorthwestern UniversityPivotal VenturesPlexo CapitalPolar Equity PartnersRecast CapitalRevereSan JoseSapphire PartnersScreendoor PartnersSippel Farb Family OfficeTalipot HoldingsThe State of MarylandTop Tier Capital PartnersTrinity Church Wall StreetUniversity of Chicago


Who attends RAISE?

Institutional investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals attend RAISE to meet the 100 emerging managers selected to attend the event. Last year the 2022 RAISE Global Summit saw 2.5 LPs register for every attending GP.

How are GPs selected to attend RAISE?

Only 100 exceptional GPs will be invited to the 2023 conference. Our 25+ member Limited Partner Selection Committee will review each application and pick the 100 funds that will be invited to attend and the 20 GPs who will present on the main stage. Each application is reviewed by at least two members of the committee using a standard rating process.

When is the GP application deadline?

Submit your application by June 30, 2023.

Who qualifies as an emerging manager?

If you are a general partner at a venture capital firm with total committed capital across all funds of $200M or less, or are a growth-stage fund on your first two funds, you qualify and your application will be reviewed by the committee.

How much does it cost to participate?

GP ticket prices have not yet been determined. Due to space limitations, GPs are limited to one investing partner per company. LP tickets are complimentary.

Do real investment opportunities emerge from RAISE?

Absolutely! GPs and LPs alike share countless success stories of forging lasting connections at RAISE. In fact, over 100 of the LPs who attended RAISE in the last 2 years have made at least one investment as a result of the event.

What are some tips for crafting a winning GP application?

Provide details about your fund, team, investment strategy, and track record. Stand out by including your latest fundraising deck and any referrals from RAISE insiders.

When will I know if I've been invited?

GP invitation begins on August 15, 2023. Please keep an eye on your inbox during August for your status update.

How can I present on the RAISE main stage?

Apply to present your fund when requesting your invitation. The RAISE LP Selection Committee will choose 20 out of the 100 invited funds for this prestigious opportunity to present on the main stage at RAISE. Selected presenters will be informed at the time they are invited to the event.

What are the presentation requirements?

Captivate your audience of 350+ attendees with a 5-minute presentation (7-10 slides max) to be prepared within 10 days of the event.

Should first-time funds apply?

Yes! RAISE welcomes diversity, including first-time funds. Showcase your fund thesis with a fundraising deck and, if available, your prior investment track record.

If my fund is not selected, will I still get exposure to RAISE LPs?

Yes! Even if you’re not selected, completing an application and opting in connects you with hundreds of LPs through the RAISE Emerging Manager Database.

Who can access my invitation request information?

LP invitation requests are reviewed internally by the RAISE staff. GP application information is used by the Selection Committee to evaluate funds and determine GP invitations and presentations. Opt-in to the Emerging Manager Database to reach all attending LPs, with further data-sharing options available. The RAISE staff also creates anonymized aggregate analyses of attending GPs.

Can I get the full RAISE Global Summit participant list?

Receive a complete list of participants (name and company) via a logistical email around October 19, 2023.