200+ LPs gather to meet
the next generation of venture capital firms.
Limited to 100 GPs
To ensure more meaningful LP engagement, this year we'll invite just 100 GPs to attend. The RAISE Selection Committee of 24 leading LPs will select who attends. The deadline for GP applications was June 30,2022.
20 GPs Present on the Main Stage
The RAISE Selection Committee will select 20 of the most exciting GPs to present.
80+ GPs Present to LPs in Breakouts
Our goal is to give every GP a chance to present their fund. 80 GPs will pitch their funds in small group breakouts throughout the day.
Keynote & Data Presentations
Gain insight into emerging fund trends and best practices for investing in this market.
Small Group Breakout Sessions
Connect and share experiences with your fellow LPs and emerging fund managers in topical breakout rooms.
Mix and mingle during the breaks, or set up your own 1:1 meetings. Make sure to stay and circulate at our fabulous afterparty!
LP-Only Dinner
LPs relax with your peers and discuss your thoughts from the day at the annual LP-Only Dinner, following the main event.
Searchable Database of 200+ Emerging Funds
For LPs attendees, you’ll get access to the RAISE Emerging Manager Database, where you can review emerging manager profiles and performance data, download fundraising decks, and connect with funds you want to meet. GPs who apply to attend by June 30th will get their fund profiles in front of 100s of LPs who are prolific backers of emerging funds.

Selection Committee

To ensure more meaningful LP engagement, this year we'll invite just 100 GPs to attend. The fantastic group of premier LPs below will select the GPs who attend and the 20 who will present on the main stage.

Click here to read RAISE co-founder Ben Black’s post about this year’s format.
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The Golden Gate Club

October 20, 2022

9:00am - 7:30pm PT
The Golden Gate Club
135 Fisher Loop
San Francisco, CA 94129
9:00am PT
Registration and Breakfast
10:00am PT
Content Begins
The detailed program agenda is still in process.  Check back later.
12:15pm PT
Networking and Lunch
1:45pm PT
Content Continues
The detailed program agenda is still in process.  Check back later.
5:00pm PT
7:45pm PT
LP-Only Dinner (location TBD)
RAISE Global Summit


What is the deadline to apply for a GP invitation?
We are no longer accepting GP applications. The deadline was was June 30th, 2022.
How much does it cost to attend the RAISE Global Summit?
Please keep in mind that we run this conference to break even.   We have decided to make the conference smaller and more intimate this year and this format change has impacted ticket prices.

Tickets for the in-person conference are $495 for GPs, with a limit of one partner per company attending. There is no fee for an LP to attend, but space is limited.
Do I qualify as an Emerging Manager?
Only Emerging Managers are invited to RAISE. If you are not an Emerging Manager, please do not apply.

An Emerging Manager GP is a firm with either 1) a total committed capital across all funds of less than $200M, or 2) a growth stage firm either raising or investing fund 1 or 2.

Do allocations really happen as a result of RAISE?
Every year we hear many stories of GPs who met future LP investors at RAISE. In fact 66 of the LPs who participated in last year's event had previously made investments as a result of RAISE.

We also hear from many LPs that the RAISE event provided them a lens through which they made allocation decisions. In short, the event works! And, everyone who participates gets additional value through connection and sharing with their peers in the venture industry.
How do get to attend the RAISE Global Summit?
Due to space limitations, only 100 GPs will be invited to attend the 2022 conference. A fantastic group of premier LPs has volunteered to read all the applications.  Each application will be reviewed by two LPs.  All Emerging Manager GPs who would like to attend must request an invitation by completing anby June 30th.
What information is required in the GP invitation application?
As part of the invitation process, we request general information about your fund, team, investment strategy, and history. The best applications also include your most recent fundraising deck and investment track record.

If you were referred to RAISE by a producer, sponsor, committee member, or previous attendee, please be sure to list them in your application, as the Committee will take recommendations into consideration.
How long will it take to complete the application?
The application process should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.  Don’t wait to get started.  You can save your work at any point and return to complete the application later.
Who decides which funds are invited to the RAISE Global Summit?
The 2022 RAISE Selection Committee will review every application using a well tuned and tested RAISE Global evaluation criteria and review process. The results of this review process will be used to determine who gets invited to the event.
When will I know if I have been invited?
GPs will be notified of their invitation status the first week of August.
I want to present on the main stage at RAISE this year. How do I apply?
When you complete your application for an invitation to RAISE, you are asked if you want to present. Of the 100 funds that are invited and register for the event, 20 will be selected by the 2022 RAISE Selection Committee to present their funds.
When will I know if I am presenting?
The 20 presenting funds will be notified by October 3, 2022 and will have 2 days to confirm they still want to present.  There will be a waitlist.
If I am selected to present, what slides are required?
Presentations at RAISE are limited to 5 minutes each. The audience may be as large as 350 or more people. You will have approximately 10 days from the date you are notified in which to complete your slides for this 5-minute presentation (7-10 slides max).
We are a first-time fund - should we apply?
The 100 funds invited to attend RAISE are specifically selected to provide variety, and will include a number of first-time funds. You should definitely apply! At a minimum, make sure to upload a fundraising deck to clearly communicate your fund thesis. If you have a prior track record (personal or with a previous VC as an investing partner), have that handy to include in your application.
Given the limit on GP spots available this year, should I still request an invitation to the event?
Yes!! When you complete an application, you can indicate that you would like to share your profile with the attending LPs via the RAISE Emerging Manager Database. Completing an application markets you to hundreds of LPs, even if you cannot attend due to space limitations.
If I am not selected to present, can I still participate?
GPs find the event is 100% worth their time, even if they do not present. You will have the opportunity to network in-person with attending LPs, GPs, RAISE alumni, sponsors  and our production team. In addition, your fund profile is published to all participating LPs in our Emerging Manager Database.
Who can see the information I provide when I apply for an invitation?
LP invitation applications are reviewed by the RAISE staff, and the information provided is used to validate the authenticity of the LP as a fund investor.  

The information provided by GPs is made available to the 2022 RAISE Producers and the 2022 RAISE Selection Committee and used to rate and evaluate the funds in order to determine who is invited, and who will present. If during the application process you opt-in to participation in the RAISE Emerging Manager Database, your application data will be made available to all attending LPs. You may further opt-out of sharing contact data, fundraising decks, and/or track record data.

Finally, the information you provide is aggregated  by RAISE staff to create an anonymized aggregate analysis of all the GPs attending RAISE.
How can I see who downloads my fundraising deck?
If you want to track the people downloading your deck, use a link sharing service similar to DocSend. Upload your deck, generate a sharing link, then provide that link when you apply for a RAISE invitation. Be sure the link does not expire until many months after the event, as LPs may access it before, during, or after the event.

Please note that the identity of each individual on the Selection Committee is private. Therefore, when your deck is accessed by a committee member, they may use a general RAISE email address to protect their identity from being sent to the dozens of funds they review for RAISE. That being said, many of the selection committee members make investments in RAISE funds. It is part of their motivation for taking the time to help us out!
Can I get a list of the people participating in the RAISE Global Summit?
A complete list of participants (name and company only) will be provided to you as part of your logistical email, on or around October 13, 2022.