200+ LPs gather to meet
the next generation of venture capital firms.
Keynote: Bringing Olympic Talent to the Venture World
Allyson Felix
Wes Felix
We are thrilled to welcome Allyson and Wes Felix as keynote speakers at this year’s RAISE Global Summit.

Allyson and Wes are a remarkable sister-brother team who together have broken every track and field record, reset corporate policies around the world on maternity leave, built the breakthrough consumer lifestyle brand Saysh, and are now raising their first venture fund, Crenshaw Ventures.

Allyson Felix reigns as the most decorated American Track & Field Olympian of all time. After winning her bronze and gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Allyson retired from racing with twenty-seven global medals and titles as both a World Record Holder and a Master’s World Record Holder. Allyson also made history in Tokyo by competing in racing spikes created by her company Saysh, becoming the first athlete to race in her own spike. She was named one of TIME Magazine’s Women of the Year in 2022.

Wes Felix also has an athletic background, having been an All-American and Team Captain on the University of Southern California Track Team. He studied political science and film before signing an endorsement deal to run professionally. When illness kept him out of the 2008 Olympic Trials, Wes built a sports management agency where he represents some of the most talented women in sports, his sister Allyson included, and is now also the co-founder and CEO of Saysh.

Their conversation will include the inspiring story of Allyson’s record-breaking athletic career and their unique partnership along the way, the entrepreneurial vision for leading Saysh, and their insights from recent fundraising in a market downturn. We’re also excited to hear about their next chapter as emerging fund managers.
100 GPs Selected to Attend
To ensure more meaningful LP engagement, this year we invited just 100 GPs to attend. The RAISE Selection Committee of 24 leading LPs selected who attends. The deadline for GP applications was June 30, 2022.
20 GPs Present on the Main Stage
The RAISE Selection Committee has selected 20 of the most exciting funds to present.
80 GPs Present to LPs in Moderated Panel Discussions
LPs can choose 4 out of 20 topical panel discussions to attend during the day. Hear directly from GPs and gain valuable insights about the leading edge of venture.
Networking and Afterparty
Mix and mingle during the breaks, or set up your own 1:1 meetings. Make sure to stay and circulate at our fabulous afterparty!
LP-Only Dinner
After the event LPs relax with your peers and discuss your thoughts from the day at the annual LP-Only Dinner, just a short walk from The Golden Gate Club.
Searchable Database of 350+ Emerging Funds
For LPs attendees, you’ll get access to the RAISE Emerging Manager Database, where you can review emerging manager profiles and performance data, download fundraising decks, and connect with funds you want to meet.
The Golden Gate Club

October 20, 2022

9:00am - 7:30pm PT
The Golden Gate Club
135 Fisher Loop
San Francisco, CA 94129
9:00am PT
Registration and Breakfast
10:00am PT
Welcome and What Does the Data Say
Our annual analysis of the RAISE emerging managers.
10:30am PT
Main Stage GP Presentations 1-10
11:45am PT
GP Showcase Panels (5 tracks)
12:45pm PT
Networking and Lunch
2:00pm PT
Keynote: Bringing Olympic Talent to the Venture World
Allyson and Wes Felix
2:30pm PT
GP Showcase Panels (5 tracks)
3:45pm PT
Main Stage GP Presentations (11-20)
5:00pm PT
7:30pm PT
LP-Only Dinner


Allyson Felix
Co-founder, Saysh
Founding Partner, Crenshaw Ventures
Wes Felix
Co-founder and CEO, Saysh
Founding Partner, Crenshaw Ventures
Presenting Emerging Managers
100 GPs will present at RAISE. 20 on the Main Stage and another 80 in Showcase panels.

Selection Committee

To ensure more meaningful LP engagement, this year we'll invite just 100 GPs to attend. The fantastic group of premier LPs below reviewed 500 applicaitons and selected the GPs who attend, and the 20 who will present on the main stage.

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